Friday, April 17, 2009

Mothers Are Love-FTU

Mothers Are Love

Supplies Needed:
Mask Of Choice
Font of choice
Scrapkit is By Seachell called Loving Mom. This is a Freebie.
Which you can download from here

Lets Get Started:
Open a 600 x 600 new image
Flood Fill White
Copy and paste paper 5 as a new layer
Apply Mask
Merge Group
copy and paste frame of choice
I had to resize the frame I used by 80% 3 times
Mask Layer I resized to 110%
On Frame Layer Go to Adjust Sharpen
Stay on the frame layer
Grab Magic wand
Click inside your frame
Selections-Modify-Expand By 5
Copy and paste paper of choice as a new layer
Move under frame layer
Copy and paste the bear Element as a new layer
Place inside the frame
Duplicate your frame layer
move the original below the bear element
Make the duplicate frame layer active
erase any part of the frame you do want covering the bear
Now make the bear element active
Erase any part hanging below the frame
Add a dropshadow to the frame, paper and Bear element
Close off your background and mask layer
Merge Visible
I resized my mask layer again by 110%
Now add embellishment of choice
resizing if needed
Add a drop shadow to all
Please use my tag as a reference if you want it to look
like mine...this is optional
Please make them as you would like.
Crop Off Excess White
Add Copyright info and license number if applicable
I did not use a tube therefore I Copyrighted it to Seachell
Everything I used came from Seachell's Scrap-Loving Mom
Add your Name
Save and your done.
Hope you enjoyed my tutorial and thank you for trying it.
All results are welcome and all comments are welcome.
Thank you,

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